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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Soca (Soul Calypso) by Lord Kitchner

Lord Kitchner is from Trinidad and Tabago born in 1922 and died in 2000. Kitch had been performing since 1936.

He has won many Calypso and Carnival contests over the years.
But "Sugur Bum Bum" was his biggest hit.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Zouk by Tabou Combo

A nice rhythm to dance on coming from Haiti.
This rhythm has been adopted my many bands form The Caribbean countries. It's great dance/party music.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Merengue by Alberto Beltran

This is one of my favorite dance tunes/styles it comes in many variations from many countries, each with it's own variation.
This is a traditional one, by one of my favorites performers, Alberto Beltran (from the Dominican Republic) a great singer. Beltran does all South American music & dance styles.

The title of this 1954 (my birth year) song became his nickname"EL NEGRITO DEL BATEY"

This text is taken from "Los cien músicos del siglo" and translated, published in 2000 by "Cañabrava", in Santo Domingo and written by "el Lic. Antonio Gómez Sotolongo"Been born in La Romana, the 5 of June of 1924, his first steps like almost all of those did in their youth: strolling and letting hear his voice in any place where they allowed it. But his great day arrived in December of 1947, when he won a species of aid, made possible by the radiostation La Voz de Yuna. His interpretation was worth a lot and the praises were sung and a most important contract of exclusive feature with the diffuser. The 15 of January of 1947 his voice begun to be heard further and further away, when making debut in the most important radio station of that time. To that success others followed him, that took Alberto Beltrán till the top of the popularity.

In 1954 Beltrán traveled for the first time to Cuba, where his friend and compatriot Tirso Guerrero, who took him to the stage scene of Havana, presented him and quickly the singer of Quisqueya was in the front of the most famous Matancera Sonant. The radio and the Cuban television sent him to popularity in the greater one of the Antilles and his voice was registered on several records. Titles like El negrito del batey, of Héctor J. Díaz and Medardo Guzmán (piece that was written for Joseíto Mateo, but that A.B. recorded and he popularized it, first with the Matancera Sonant,

and soon with the Conjunto Casino). Ignoro tu existencia, of Rafael Pablo Mota, Todo me gusta de ti, of Cuto Estévez, and many others, opened the doors to him for a rutilante carreer. Its fame extended by all the orb and in that way it involved the work of important Dominican composers; and that's how it is what the record work that Alberto Beltrán with the orchestra of Billo Frómeta did in the studios of Radio Progress, in Havana, Cuba, in 1958. From then, the life of the brilliant singer was impregnated by the fame. The quality of its voice stayed through the years, for delight of several generations. This text is taken from "Los cien músicos del siglo" and translated, published in 2000 by "Cañabrava", in Santo Domingo and written by "el Lic. Antonio Gómez Sotolongo"

El Negrito Del Batey by Alberto Beltran